Working from home can be very challenging and setting up your home office efficiently is very important to your success.

If you plan to take your online business seriously you will need to find the space in your home that is dedicated to that business so that others take it as seriously as you do.

Work wherever you feel the most creative and least interrupted.

Whether you set up your workspace or desk in a specific place in the house:

Home Office Desk

or you set up your computer at the dinner table when it is available:

Home Office

what matters is that you can feel you are able to organize your thoughts and work without too many distractions.

Take your business seriously and those around you will do the same as they see your dedication to it. For those of you that may have children in the home, this can be a very difficult task to accomplish. However, take advantage of nap times, early bedtimes and when they are playing with friends.

That is the time to sit at your desk or workspace and add content to your posts or simply type ideas onto a document that you can go back to when you are ready to write more.

The number of hours you can dedicate to your online business will also determine the type of workspace you will need. If you are working the business for more than 4 hours per day you should make sure that you have a comfortable desk and chair to reduce shoulder and eye fatigue.

For those of you that prefer to work standing up, the new stand-up desks are great to use. The ability to stand and sit, as needed, makes these a perfect addition to your home office.

My stand-up desk

I read up on various desks online. If you are like most of us, you most likely have seen the commercials for Varidesk. The smooth function of the stand-up desk and the flexibility it offers users got me very interested in purchasing one.

However, the price was a factor and I personally wanted to spend a bit less than what I saw on their website.

I started looking up stand-up desks in Amazon and came across the one shown below (Fancierstudio Riser Desk). The reviews on it indicated that it was similar to the Varidesk model, however, at a lesser price. While hesitant, I went ahead an ordered this desk:

I am able to fit 2- 21-inch monitors, a docking station, keyboard and mouse without issue. I still have plenty of space for a note pad and a coffee cup.

The beauty of it is that you can stand for as long as you need to and then easily lower the desk and sit for the rest of the time. The desk is super stable and strong and nothing falls off it when you lift or lower it.

Another option for stand-up desk

I also have another desk in the house that is a taller desk with a taller chair. This also fits 2 -21-inch monitors, a laptop, notebook, keyboard, mouse and that nice hot cup of coffee we all need to help us wake up!

This desk is not adjustable. It is a fixed tall desk which works nicely when you just want to walk up to it and get some work done quickly without getting too comfortable in a chair.

Midday crash!

Have you ever sat at a desk after eating lunch and started to get fatigued and found it hard to concentrate?

tired person

Exactly why I stand up after having lunch when I work at my desk. Otherwise, you find yourself reading the same thing over and over. Creativity goes out the window along with your energy.

Good lighting is essential.

Having good lighting is very important to prevent eye strain, which in turn results in your wanting to stop working on your online tasks due to your eyes getting tired.

Eye strain

I have found various ways to increase the amount of lighting in my workspace. During the daytime, I open blinds to let natural light into my room.

However, on overcast days, I find it necessary to use additional lighting. A good desk lamp is great to have. They are very inexpensive and come in so many various styles.

The one I currently use is this one. I encourage you to look consider this lamp. Just click on the Shop now below.

desk lamp

The lamp shade is adjustable, making it easy to shine enough lighting onto the desk area needed while reducing glare.

This lamp is also very decorative and looks great on any desk.

Work where you feel the most productive.

While having a specific space in the home to call your “home office”, working from anywhere in the home where you feel productive is important.

Perhaps, you have children and want to work at your kitchen table while your children are working on homework or watching tv.

Perhaps you want to work in your kitchen near a family room so that you can still interact with your spouse. We all know how it feels to work while your spouse is relaxing.

If that helps you feel connected to them while working on your business then you will probably be more at ease and not feel guilty you’re taking time away from being with them.

In fact, you can use that opportunity to ask questions or ask for some ideas.

Are you stuck on a post or ran out of material? Ask a family member or spouse about it.

Including them can help to promote a feeling of teamwork as you build a business that will bring the extra money to your household.

One of the great things about our home is that we have an additional room, which we, here in Florida, call the lanai. Ours is a year-round room.

We have a TV in there along with a workspace and couches. The kitchen table is not far from there enabling me to work and still be around everyone.

kitchen table

Making your business a family event makes a big difference in how often you work on it. Keep sharing your goals with them so that they feel a part of what is going on.

When you finally start producing income they will reap the benefits as well and without a doubt, they will encourage you even more!

So get your workspace set up!!!

Share with us your best work at home office solutions!

Setting Up Your Home Office
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